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Blogging is critical to EVERY GREAT Orthodontic marketing plan

Posted by Andy Zuch on Thu Dec 12, 2013 @ 11:19 AM

We know what you're thinking! Are these guys really writing a blog post about the importance of blogging? Yes, we are! That's how important blogging is to the overall online
marketing plan for your Orthodontic practice. You have probably figured out by now that there is a rough formula for calculating online marketing effectiveness. 

x # of web traffic = x # of leads = x # of new starts

Of course, the leads part of this formula assumes you are deploying a lead capture strategy. If you are not, then click here for a quick illustration of why your practice needs to begin capturing leads yesterday.


Why is Blogging Important?

Ok, back to why blogging is a critical part of a successful marketing plan to increase new starts to your practice. Simply put, a blog is a page on your site where you should post content relevant to what your prospects and customers are searching for. Going further, did you know that (when your blog is properly set up), every individual post on your blog is a new indexed page on your website? That is HUGE for search engine optimization and getting you found online!

Those indexed pages add up to increased traffic to your site. Check out this pic for a telling stat about blogging:



Ok - so Blogging IS important, now what?

You've probably heard the phrase "Content is King." It's the truth...but not quite the whole truth! While content is a big part of blogging and online marketing, it's "Original" content that is the real king. You want to make sure what you are publishing is original and thought out, not just recycled gobbeldy-gook that someone else has already published. There are some service providers out there that offer blogging packages as part of an online marketing services, but look a little deeper and you'll find out that some of their client's blog posts are exactly (and we mean word-for-word verbatim) the same as their other client's posts. Many of them are even published on the same day! This is a bad practice, and search engines will frown upon it. 

Now that you know why blogging is so crucial to your marketing plan, and you've been given some good (and bad) practices to follow (or not follow), we hope you'll be able to either start a blog for your orthodontic practice, or make improvements to your current blog! We understand that most Orthodontists are very busy running their practice and helping improve their patient's lives. That is why we've created a comprehensive, and automated, marketing system, customized to your Orthodontic Practice.  Watch our short video above to get some more information on this cutting-edge marketing technology.




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