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How To Double The Profits From Your Orthodontic Marketing Campaign

Posted by Andy Zuch on Mon Jun 30, 2014 @ 04:48 PM

Over the years, we've handled direct mail campaigns for 1,000+ practices/ businesses. From start-ups to mature businesses - we've literally seen and heard it all. Now here's an interesting secret that we would like to share with you - the frequency of drip marketing on a prospect. 

Mailing a target group only once is wasting good money - here's why.

No matter how good the offer is, a single exposure to a given group of prospective customers will have minimal effect. But, multiple repeated exposures will have a disproportionate effect on acquiring a new customer.

Let us repeat this again - multiple mailings are critical to selling a new prospect!

A single exposure equals minimal impact, but repeated exposures will have a positive and disproportionate impact on the number of responses. Why? The person you are targeting needs to see your orthodontic marketing message at least 4 - 9 times before they feel comfortable in taking the next step in what we refer to as the "educational buying spectrum". You will receive new clients from your initial mailings, but this success is due to coincidence, not fantastic marketing. 

Let's say you're mailing to a list of 5,000 target households.

For the orthodontic industry, a one-touch mailing frequently pulls anywhere from as low as 2/10 of 1% to as high as 5/10 of 1% response. Maybe 10 to 25 responses. The range between the 10 and the 25 depends on several variables, including your headline and the low-risk offer/promotion you're using.

What happens when you mail them 5 times in the next year?

But, if you'll mail to those same 5,000 prospective patients 5 times over a 12 month period, your overall response might be 2.5% to as high as 6%, 125 to 300 people. That's about 12 times the response from the single mailing, not just 5 times.

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Multiple contacts don't just increase response proportionately, they increase it disproportionately. 

Is this always true? No. Sometimes there's something else wrong, such as your marketing message, the type of mailing you sent out (letter vs. postcard), the list selection, the offer, a practice's credibility (no amount of mailing will overcome this one). However, assuming the list has been chosen with reasonable care and intelligence, the offer is good, the mail piece is the right choice for the target audience, then this kind of effect should be achieved.

What do you think would happen if you offered FREE educational information to your prospective patients that weren’t yet “Appointment-Ready”?

We often get called to help an orthodontic practice develop a marketing strategy and a 12-month tactical campaign. Whenever we create the campaign, we clearly point out to the client how critical it is for an orthodontic practice to offer relevant educational information that convinces their target audience that they are the BEST option for that family’s orthodontic needs. How much better would your direct marketing response be if you offered a FREE report on your website titled, “The 8 Things You MUST Know Before Choosing Your Family’s Orthodontist” and then captured the names and email addresses of those leads? Up to 50% higher.

How much more profit would your practice derive over time from its direct mail campaign, if you could improve your response by 50 - 100%? Mail with the proper frequency, and offer compelling, educational information on your website to your prospective future patients – “the Investigators”, and your practice can enjoy these superior results over time, too.

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