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Tips To Yield A Higher Conversion With Direct Mail

Posted by Ben Ohanesian on Tue Mar 24, 2015 @ 09:15 AM

Today you can choose to have just about any form of paper communication delivered electronically. Is direct mail marketing still worth considering? Well, Google certainly seems to think it is! Despite being a mega-leader in technology, Google still embraces strategic mailing for some of its ad campaigns. If it works for a technology leader like Google, imagine what optimizing your direct mail marketing strategy can do for your orthodontic practice!mailbox 28939 1280

Tips to Boost Online and Offline Conversion

Direct mail has the unique advantage of being able to drive traffic to both your office and your Web page. Many businesses are utilizing a digital-only marketing strategy, which gives your orthodontic practice more room to stand out in the mailbox. The top-of-mind awareness created by a physical mail piece means that more recipients than you would expect will be likely to check out your website. With that in mind, make sure you take the following steps to make your direct mail campaign as effective as possible:

• Design your mailers to match your existing "brand" image, social media accounts, your website and your office.

• Use address databases to create a highly-targeted mailing list of the demographic you want to target.

• Get more people to look at your mailer instead of throwing it away immediately, by choosing a simple format, i.e., a postcard.

• Include a QR code so smartphone users can access your landing page quickly, rather than having to remember and type in your URL.

• Keep the URL too, but make it simple and easy to remember. After all, not everyone uses QR codes.

• Let the postcard mailer work like a coupon for an in-office discount. This also enables you to track the success of your postcard mailings.

Don't limit yourself to thinking that e-advertising just drives Web traffic, and direct mail only brings in live customers. Expect and prepare for increased traffic at either venue. All parts of a strong marketing strategy should complement each other.

Optimizing Your Practice's Direct Marketing Strategy

There will always be those who scoff at the relatively low response rate of direct mail. However, regarding cost-per-lead generated, direct mail marketing is hard to beat, and the response quality is often very good. Many consumers are also more open to receiving mailed advertisements than marketers think they are.

There are several ways you can optimize your direct mail campaign:

• Clarify your call to action—from "check out our site" to "Offer applies to the first 15 patients only!"

• Time your mailings to coincide with real events. For example; October is National Orthodontic Health Month. A postcard featuring an October-only discount that hits your target homes in early to mid-September is informative, and also creates a sense of urgency to call your office now.

• Commit to consistent, consecutive mailings. One or two mailings may not be enough to initiate an identifiable increase in your practice's new patient starts. Continue building your area's brand awareness of your orthodontic practice, and don't get discouraged if you don't see results right away. Repetition in your marketing efforts is vital to long-term success in building your practice.

• Look for ways to make a personal connection. Consider customizing your mail pieces, putting in the addressee's name (instead of "Current Resident"). Direct mail with the recipients’ name featured prominently in the headlines definitely grabs the readers’ attention, and increases the likelihood that the mail piece is read. Learn more about personalized direct mail marketing for your practice.

Though it can be tempting to try to reach every household in your area, it would be wise to target specifically those who already want or need your services. That way, you can focus on sending a message that appeals directly to them, instead of being too vague (for example, a pediatric dentist should target families with children, not childless adults). With specific targeting, your word-of-mouth will reach far beyond your initial mailings.

Every postcard mailing you send should build your brand. Use words and images that people already associate with you, building consumer trust. Make sure the photos do most of the talking, so you can keep your copy short and sweet, and dedicated to essential information.   

Your Ortho Practice Can Benefit From Direct Mail

What are the benefits of employing this strategy? Two words: it works. Consumers will have your physical postcard in-hand, prompting them to look at your promotion more carefully than when viewing a website where they can jump from page to page (getting easily distracted).

Knowing the power of direct mail can definitely give you an edge over the competition in your area. Go ahead and give direct mail marketing a try!

At GetOrthoCases, orthodontic practice marketing is what we do and ALL that we do.


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