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Orthodontic Postcard Marketing Secrets

Posted by Ben Ohanesian on Wed Aug 26, 2015 @ 09:03 AM

orthodontic postcard marketing
It’s no secret that one of the most profitable ways to market your orthodontic practice is with direct-mail postcards. Still, there are secrets to postcard success that marketing pros employ to boost response rates and profit margins campaign after campaign. The differences between professional postcards and amateur postcards are sometimes minimal, yet account for a dramatic difference in their return on investment.

Some of the "secrets" the marketing professionals use in orthodontic postcard marketing are:

Write to one client. Think of your best prospective client. Identify all of the characteristics that comprise this client’s demographic, and gear your postcard to this one person only. Yes, your postcard definitely will mail out to more than one household, but writing to your perfect client helps you focus on your ideal headline, copy, promotion or service and offer. Now, define your mailing list according to these demographics, so you will be sending each postcard mailing to the best potential households to call or come into your orthodontic office.

Keep your message simple. Someone new to the orthodontic marketing world often wants to pack as much information as possible into their postcards, thinking that the more information they include, the more clients they’ll gain. But the most powerful postcard marketing delivers a singular message to a motivated reader. Remember to keep your message simple by featuring one promotion or service and delivering one offer to one potential client – your BEST potential client.

Simple, engaging, smart design and short copy perform best on postcards. Limit your copy to a headline, a few short lines or paragraph, and a few bullet points listing your benefits or features along with a compelling offer and call to action.

Offer something truly unique and special. Apart from sending your postcards to a well-defined, targeted mailing list, this is probably the best piece of postcard advice you’ll ever get: Offer something truly unique. If you’re offering 10 percent off or a free orthodontic consultation, you can get in line behind every other orthodontic practice doing the same thing. The trick is to come up with something you can give away that your potential clients can’t refuse yet does not jeopardize your return on investment. If your offer is special, and your target audience is interested, you will achieve a much higher response rate.

Orthodontic marketing professionals employ a host of techniques to boost postcard response rate, but compelling copy, smart design, well-targeted mailing lists, and an outstanding offer are really all you need to launch a remarkable postcard direct-mail marketing campaign that will yield great results for your orthodontic practice.

At GetOrthoCases, orthodontic practice marketing is what we do and ALL that we do.

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Using Direct Mail Postcards to Promote Your Orthodontic Practice

Posted by Ben Ohanesian on Wed Aug 19, 2015 @ 10:21 AM

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Deciding to use direct mail postcards to promote your orthodontic practice is a wise decision. Postcards can be one of the most affordable forms of marketing. Besides affordability, postcards can be incredibly versatile; giving you the ability to announce a new office opening or new associate coming on board, bring attention to a special feature of your practice, and, most important of all, to gain prospective new clients.

Keeping these points in mind, the layout and design of your postcard is critical to its success. Your call-to-action should be clear and concise, and draw the attention of the reader to take action.

Simple Stands Out         

The first thing to remember for your postcard is to keep the copy as short as possible, while maintaining the quality of the piece and the information. You want the reader to understand the offer, without providing too much information. You don’t want to bore the client or even prevent them from reading your postcard. Your content should be focused on a single, compelling call-to-action.

The Bold Print

Capture the attention of your reader with the bold print. You can quickly convey the message with just a few words. For instance, “Summer Savings on Braces” or “Act Now To Receive Your Discount” are both clear ways to communicate the central message. You can provide the details in a smaller font, but this should also be kept informative.

Just The Facts

Make sure that the details of your headline offer only give the reader what they need to know. If you are promoting a special event, give the reader details such as the time, date and location. If you have door prizes or giveaways they should be included with as few words as possible. Only include the contact information that your readers need for this particular event.

The Call-to-Action

This is the most important aspect of your mail. The call to action is critical because it tells the reader what they need to do after reading your postcard. Your website can be used to direct someone for more details

Fonts You Can Read

Fancy scripts might be nice for your Christmas cards, but they have no place on a postcard. Use easy-to-read fonts, keeping in mind that the object is to communicate a lot of information quickly. Arial, Times and Georgia are popular easy-to-read type fonts.

Look For Errors

Triple check your postcard to make sure that it is error free. Would-be clients will have trouble taking your orthodontic practice seriously if there are even simple errors. Spellcheck is only one of the methods of proofreading. Have another person review it prior to finalizing. Have them look for errors in copy, layout and design. Review the contact information to ensure that it is all correct.

If you have covered your bases and followed all of these suggestions, we are certain that your postcard will have a good return on investment.

Many orthodontists have had great success with direct mailing. Conversely, there are those who consider it a waste of time and money. In most cases, those folks have done things incorrectly along the way. Direct mailing shouldn’t be your only marketing piece, but rather one in a series of ways you plan to grow your orthodontic practice. Before you send out that first postcard mailing, you should make sure you have the best mailing list and are willing to commit – regardless of the early returns. If you do this, you will find more success than you realized.

See samples of some of our successful orthodontic postcard marketing campaigns. Click here.

At GetOrthoCases, orthodontic practice marketing is what we do and ALL that we do.

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Your Orthodontic Practice Marketing Blog and Comment Spam

Posted by Andy Zuch on Tue Oct 21, 2014 @ 12:58 PM

Part 1:


It’s an aggravation that any blogger has become very familiar with. You get a notification that one of your orthodontic marketing blog posts has received a comment. Glad to see that someone took the time and effort to respond to the editorial masterpiece you've created for your orthodontic practice, you eagerly click over to see what they had to say regarding the blog post. And there is the comment, subtly making fun of your happiness...

“I understanding your article. I wish to put it forward it to more persons, so the more the body will be much a great feeling. Let’s happy & healthy.”

Just What Is Comment Spam?

The word “spam” gets its name from that unexplainably popular canned pink meat, and has come to refer to any unsolicited bulk messages sent electronically. Back in the very early days of internet marketing, posting links indiscriminately in the comments sections of blogs was a sneaky way to help a website rank better with the search engines. Eventually, Google caught on to this trick and began penalizing websites for using this particular tactic. Unfortunately, because spamming requires very little in the way of effort or expense, a lot of online marketers still do it.

How Can I Recognize Comment Spam On My Orthodontic Practice Blog?

Since the spammers are sending their comments in bulk to thousands of blogs covering a variety of topics from orthodontic practices to income tax laws, they try to make them as generic as they possibly can. Their aim is that those comments will slip through unnoticed, thus remaining on these blogs, providing thousands of links back to their own website. Therefore, most comment spam messages will be vague and/or make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

In addition, comment spam often contains links to sites that are totally unrelated to the topic of the blog. If your orthodontic practice blog deals with braces removal and somebody posts a comment with links to “the latest fat-burning pill,” then you can most assuredly recognize it as spam.

Lastly, most comment spammers are extremely greedy. They could possibly get away with posting one or two spams on a blog, but for whatever reason, they often go for broke and post the same identical comment, word-for-word, on as many blogging sites as they can.

Please come back tomorrow for Part 2 of this article:
How To Prevent Comment Spam on Your Orthodontic Practice Blog

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Orthodontic new starts increased without spending a dime on marketing

Posted by Andy Zuch on Wed Jul 23, 2014 @ 03:53 PM

As a practice marketing consultant for orthodontists, we speak with many different types of orthodontic practices.

1. Practices who never felt the need to market themselves previously, but now need to
    due to increased competition.

2. More mature orthodontists whose referral sources have retired, leaving their practice in
    a less than desirable position.

3. Young orthodontists in newer practices with large monthly debt obligations, who
    frequently are reluctant to invest in the necessary practice marketing required to
    grow their practice quickly.

4. Established, multi-office practices who frequently are the dominant practice,
    or one of the dominant practices in their marketplace.

braces imageRegardless of the category that an orthodontic practice fits into, we at GetOrthoCases have found that the same diligent marketing expertise that we provide for each and every one of our clients, can result in different levels of profitability for different clients. Why is this? Usually, this variation in profits from the GetOrthoCases Marketing System can be attributed to the internal systems that an orthodontic practice has in place.

And, quite possibly, no internal system impacts an orthodontist's bottom line more than the fee presentation. 

Personally, I have listened to treatment coordinators who are smooth, polished sales professionals who do an outstanding job explaining treatment, finding out all of the referral sources that may have contributed to that patient seeking treatment with their practice, and detailing the numerous ways that their practice compares favorably with other competing orthodontic practices. These presentations are concluded with an explanation of payment options that appeal to all credit-worthy families with good credit ratings, regardless of their ability to make a down payment.

On the other hand, I have also personally listened to fee presentations made by treatment coordinators, office managers, a staff member, or occasionally by the doctor themselves, that only explain payment options, but leave out all of the other components of an effective fee presentation.

Regardless of the communication skills of your practice's treatment coordinator, most practices can significantly increase their quantity of new starts by ensuring that each fee presentation is presented in the way that is best from the perspective of the patients who are most at risk of not starting for financial reasons.

To explain further, when thinking about payment options, all families basically fall into one of four financial groups:

Group 1 - Have Full Treatment Fee. These families typically make payment in full or opt for your no-interest, office payment plan.

Group 2 - Have Initial Payment. These families typically opt for your no-interest, office payment plan.

Group 3 - Don't Have Initial Payment Plan, but are Credit-Worthy. These families will use a Flexible Payment Plan.

Group 4 - Not Credit-Worthy. These families don't start treatment.

To help ensure that as many patients as possible can accept treatment in your practice, this week we are providing Springstone Patient Financing's "Ten Best Practices of Case Acceptance."

In conclusion, your success leads to our success. When orthodontic practices have effectively-functioning fee presentations, they enjoy an even greater return on their practice marketing investment with GetOrthoCases

Would you like to create a Practice Marketing Plan for your practice for 2015? 
If the answer is "YES", then you need to call GetOrthoCases and we will personally send you a practice marketing questionnaire to help you get started.

Call 1.888.657.2762 or visit www.GetOrthoCases.com

- Increased new starts from professional, targeted direct mail.
- Increased referrals from your present patients.
- Convert more recall list patients to new starts.
- Achieve page 1 ranking on Google for numerous local zip codes,
  NOT just the zip code your office is located in.






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Increase Patient Referrals at your Orthodontic Practice

Posted by Andy Zuch on Fri Jun 20, 2014 @ 03:05 PM

3 Most Important Points to Remember When it Comes to Patient Referrals

  1. The doctor’s good name alone, isn’t going to increase new starts by way of more Patient Referrals.

    Your patients have more pressing things to do each day than sell your orthodontic practice to others people. They are busy, just like you.

    We, as marketers, need to remind our loyal customers to refer us to their friends, neighbors, & family members. Having a tangible referral piece (brochure) is that reminder.

    We, as marketers, also need to incentivize (where allowed) our loyal customers to refer us to their friends, neighbors, & family members. Offering patients an account credit or Visa gift card have been effective referral incentives for many orthodontic practices.

  1. It doesn’t take any special sales skills to have success with the GetOrthoCases Patient Referral Brochure 3-Step Staff Action Plan.  If your staff is willing to implement the action plan and introduce the brochures to your patients with the simple presentation we provide and train your staff on, you will increase new starts from patient referrals at your practice.

    Our clients who are most successful with our Patient Referral Brochure & Action Plan, simply have made this marketing initiative an important practice system.

  1. Your practice's Patient Referral Incentive piece needs to be actively introduced to your patients with a simple rehearsed script. Sitting your referral marketing piece on your counter, or on a table in your waiting room, won’t yield an increase in patient referrals.



2 Best Times to Ask for a Referral are when your patients are most excited about your practice:

1. The visit when they get their braces on
    or receive their Invisalign® trays.

2. The visit when they get their braces off.




Your key to vastly increasing patient referrals at your practice, is to give your staff a tool that is EASY and COMFORTABLE for them to introduce on a consistent basis. (Incentivizing key employees for effectively implementing this tool, doesn’t hurt either…)

Here is a proven 3-Step Staff Action Plan that you and your staff will find easy to implement successfully. We have given this to hundreds of orthodontic practices who are using it effectively. Click Here

And if your practice doesn’t have an effective Patient Referral marketing tool in place, consider hiring a professional practice marketing company like GetOrthoCases to create one. If used in conjunction with our 3-Step Staff Action Plan, you will be impressed with the results.

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