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Postcard Orthodontic Marketing: The Pros and Cons

Posted by Ben Ohanesian on Mon Apr 20, 2015 @ 10:30 AM

Are you an orthodontic practice owner who has spent countless dollars on online advertising, and feel that you have no good results to show for it? You’re not alone.

smiling professionals

Now here's some good news. Postcard marketing could be THE solution for your practice. Although it may not seem as high-tech or savvy as online marketing, postcard marketing might just be that tried-and-true alternative you’ve been looking for.

While the cost of postage has gone up and up (and up some more), the advances in technology and creativity have now given us a plethora of tools and resources for clever design.

The digital age has revolutionized "snail" mail. It has become a novelty, and therefore, a rare treat. Believe it or not, consumers have begun to appreciate direct mail again!

Direct mail IS earning new respect, and is garnering the attention of thousands of consumers every day. If you haven’t yet considered a postcard marketing campaign, you really should. It’s an effective, affordable and easy strategy to increase those phone calls and possible new starts to your orthodontic practice.

The Pros of Postcard Marketing for your Orthodontic Practice

• Postcards can be used as great reminders for offers and incentives, or new office openings.

• Postcards can help spread the word and increase community awareness about your office.

• You can target specific households without wasting money on ineffective mass mailings.

• Postcard marketing can promote your practice brand and enhance the marketing efforts your practice already has in place.

• They’re affordable and easy to create. GetOrthoCases can help you create your precisely-targeted mailing list, and we’ll even take care of the mailing for you!

• Postcards are durable and can be printed on high-quality, glossy card stock.

• Postcards are non-intrusive. They don’t interrupt people when they’re online.

Click here for more info on Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns

 The Cons of Postcard Marketing for your Orthodontic Practice

• You have limited space to write your message. Just remember to focus in on exactly what you want your postcard to say.

• Postcards require a mailing list, and that requires upkeep.

• Tracking the results can be a bit more involved than with digital advertising. But, we can help you with that. Contact us to find out more about call tracking.

• Remember, several postcard mailings are required before you will see an impact. Repetition IS vital to the success of your postcard marketing campaign!

Four important tips for using a postcard as a marketing device:

1. Do not include everything that comes to your mind on the postcard. It should not look too busy. The message should be easy to read at a glance.

2. Do not include more than one call-to-action on a postcard. The recipient should know what is expected of him. By adding more than one call to action you are confusing him.

3. Do not try to sell anything on a postcard. No one is going to buy anything after receiving a postcard from an unknown sender, so it is best to use it as an attention-getter. Once you have the reader's attention, you can send them to your website where you can promote your product and services.

4. Always include a valuable offer or financial incentive. This will make your message that much more memorable to the reader.

At GetOrthoCases, orthodontic practice marketing is what we do and ALL that we do.


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Personalize Your Orthodontic Direct Mail with Variable Data Printing

Posted by Ben Ohanesian on Thu Mar 26, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a form of digital printing in which text, graphics and images may be changed from one piece to the next using information from a database or external file. By adding personalized data for each individual client, VDP is a valuable business tool you can use to increase the return on investment from your printed campaigns.

Use of Variable Data on a direct mail piece is an effective way to reach out to your prospective clients, putting your orthodontic practice brand directly in their hands and engaging them with content that speaks directly to them. VDP allows you to increase the effectiveness of your direct mail marketing by making your printed pieces even more personal, targeting specific segments of your client base.

MancusoOrVarCard415 1

VDP gives your direct mail marketing new life, allowing you to carefully craft your printed pieces to speak directly to your would-be clients. Ther choice of fonts, colors, images, layout and text all affect how well your direct mail is received. A tailored piece that includes some personalization will make those clients feel valued and is more likely to grab their attention.

Planning a Variable Data Campaign
It is important to invest time and effort in planning your campaign before going to press. To help plan out your VDP, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What Do I Want to Achieve?
    Is the point to sell a specific service or promotion, build client loyalty, or announce your new office opening? Have a clear idea of what you want.

  • Who Am I Targeting?
    Think carefully about how you are going to segment your client base. Are you going to group them by age, household income, number of children in the household?

  • How Will I Measure Success?
    To know how well your variable data is working, you'll need to track the response to your orthodontic marketing campaign. Think about whether your clients will scan a QR code, redeem a coupon, visit a link, like you on Facebook—you can use all of these to measure how well your campaign is doing.

  • Where Will I Get the Data?
    VDP is only as good as the data you put into it. Before going to print, check your data very carefully—a small mistake can make a bad first impression.

  • What Do They Want?
    A good variable data campaign is one that speaks directly to the wants, needs and concerns of each client.

How to Use Variable Data Printing:

  • Use personalized QR codes or URLs for offers—for example, a grocery store chain might have their QR codes link to different offers for young single shoppers than for large families.

  • Reflect demographic details such as age, profession and marital status—for example, a holiday cottage business might include information on family activities for some customers, and information on night life for others.

  • Reflect demographic details such as age, profession and marital status—for example, a holiday cottage business might include information on family activities for some customers, and information on night life for others.

  • Include details such as special offers or contact details that are specific to a geographic location—for example a car dealership might include each customer's local branch or the name of the salesman they usually deal with.

Click here to find out more about increasing your response rate with Variable Data Printing.

VDP means you can offer each of your prospective clients a personalized, meaningful piece of direct mail that will appeal to them and make your practice stand out. Instead of just another postcard from just another vendor, your orthodontic office will become a valued correspondent, someone that your readers want to respond to, which means stronger client relationships and better profits for you.

At GetOrthoCases, orthodontic practice marketing is what we do and ALL that we do.





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Successful Orthodontic Targeted Direct-Mail Marketing

Posted by Ben Ohanesian on Wed Mar 18, 2015 @ 01:24 PM

If you think implementing a targeted, direct-mail marketing campaign for your orthodontic practice is too expensive, you need to understand that a successful campaign can quickly and easily offset those costs and elevate your practice's profits. That’s why so many businesses take advantage of the targeted direct-mail marketing concept. The key to your practice's marketing success lies in a good marketing campaign strategy, which goes a long way to generating a large return on your investment. 

orthodontic marketing

Here are 8 points to consider when planning your targeted direct-mail marketing campaign. 

1. The mailing list

A big part of direct marketing is knowing who your prospective clients are and being able to target that audience with your direct mail pieces. This will save you a lot of money and increase your return on investment. Compiling your own list can be time-consuming and non-specific. The best thing you can do is purchase a targeted mailing list from a reputable company, one that will guide you through fine-tuning your preferred demographic so you get the best leads possible. 

2. Perceived value

Another important facet of targeted direct mail marketing is your offer. You’re wasting your money if your direct-mail marketing promotions don’t include a solid financial offer. The key is to give your possible clients a compelling reason to choose your orthodontic practice now, so make your offer truly unique and large enough to provide great value to your clients without breaking your marketing budget. Make it a limited time offer to maximize your return on investment, and have prospects redeem a coupon or offer code so you can gauge your campaign’s success.

3. Eye-catching design

Having a great design that stands out and also works to reinforce your message is essential to direct-mail marketing success. The credibility that a professional design lends to your targeted direct-mail marketing campaign is well-worth the investment. 

4. Great printer

Choose a printer with a reputation for quality and good customer service. Pricing should not be the determining factor. In the printing world, you often get what you pay for, and your practice won't benefit from sending out poor-quality, direct-mail marketing pieces. 

5. Let your printer handle the mailing

Most reputable printing companies have their own mail house, or have a good working relationship with one, to deliver your direct-mail marketing pieces. This can save you time and money, because your mailing list can be imprinted as the pieces are printed. You won’t have the extra costs associated with shipping your marketing pieces from one place to another before actually mailing them to your prospects. In addition, good printers are knowledgeable in printing and postal regulations, and postage pricing, so they can get you the best price on bulk mailings. 

6. A compelling, effective message

Great promotional copy identifies with your target audience through features and benefits. You should also motivate prospective clients through an effective call-to-action, which directly relates to your great offer.  

7. Think like your client

Take a step back from your direct-mail marketing efforts and approach them as your prospective clients. How would you react to your marketing piece? Does it look credible? Is the offer strong enough? Would you want to use your services? Next show it to your family members, friends, co-workers and even people on the street to get their honest opinions. If you can’t convince them to call your orthodontic practice, you need to rework your campaign. 

8. Repetition

This is a crucial, but often-ignored facet of direct marketing that will yield the best overall results. A successful targeted direct-mail marketing campaign will consist of several mailings, spaced over a set amount of time. Repetition is key to getting your message out to your prospective clients, and building the “brand” recognition that is vital to growing your orthodontic practice.

Learn how a marketing campaign will greatly increase new starts at your orthodontic practice. Call 1.888.657.2762 to request more information, or to schedule a day and time for one of our Practice Marketing Consultants to call you.

Click here for more info on Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns

At GetOrthoCases, orthodontic practice marketing is what we do and ALL that we do.

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6 Statistics For Orthodontic Marketing...(Part 3)

Posted by Ben Ohanesian on Thu Feb 12, 2015 @ 02:56 PM

Yesterday, we gave you the second 2 statistics that prove direct mail still works for orthodontic practices. As promised, here's Part 3. And, in case you missed part 1, click here.

Targeted Direct Mail Marketing to the Head of Household IS Important

• 90% of them determine which mail is kept for later reading.

braces family• 81% of them review financial documents.

• 84% of them are the primary grocery shoppers.

• It's been found that the household mail is placed by the head of the household where it can be easily seen and used, and that it's moved from room to room, allowing people to read it at their convenience.

The bottom line is this: Targeted direct mail marketing reaches the decision makers of the household! Because it's a physical piece of marketing, it enables the head of the household to look at it, and, if desired, to then pass it on to the other family members and decision-makers.

Household Mail Time

• 98% of people retrieve their mail the day it’s delivered.

• Of that 98%, 72% bring it in as soon as possible.

• 77% look through their mail right away.

• Consumers spend an average of 30 minutes reading their mail on any given day.

• They spend 45 minutes reading their magazines, 30 minutes looking at their catalogs and 25 minutes reading their direct mail.

• 48% of people retain direct mail marketing for future reference.

The bottom line is this: Mail time is an important time for getting your message to those you really want to reach! People like going to the mailbox and reading their mail. By using direct mail marketing as a part of your orthodontic practice marketing campaign, you are almost guaranteeing that your message will be read, and read quickly!

Learn how a marketing campaign will greatly increase new starts at your orthodontic practice. Call 1.888.657.2762 to request more information, or to schedule a day and time for one of our Practice Marketing Consultants to call you.

Click here for more info on Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns

At GetOrthoCases, orthodontic practice marketing is what we do and ALL that we do.

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7 Barriers to Orthodontic Practice Direct Marketing Success

Posted by Ben Ohanesian on Fri Feb 06, 2015 @ 12:16 PM

Over the past 13+ years, we have identified a number of barriers to optimal marketing success (new treatment starts) and profitability, for orthodontic practices. These barriers to direct marketing success include:

1. Not employing a marketing strategy that addresses BOTH categories of potential orthodontic patients—the “Appointment-Ready” potential patients, AND the “Investigators.” Most orthodontic practices assign no value to the “Investigators” category of potential patients, which contains far more potential for treatment starts if marketed to consistently.  

An optimized direct marketing campaign must include offers for the “Appointment-Ready” potential patients to bring them in now, as well as compelling, differentiating, educational content links to quality marketing information on your practice website, to convince the “Investigators” that your practice is the BEST option for orthodontic treatment for area families. If marketed to consistently and effectively, these “Investigators” will choose your practice when they become “Appointment-Ready.”

2. Treating marketing like a commodity. Trust your direct marketing consultant when they say you need to make your direct marketing campaign a priority, in order to fully reap the benefits and profits of your practice marketing campaign.  

We schedule individual consultations with all of our clients. Our clients need to do the same with us for optimal success. Orthodontic practices that refuse to give their marketing the attention it requires, inevitably yield subpar results.

 Receive your FREE  Practice Marketing Analysis!

3. Leaving marketing decisions up to individuals (sometimes it's the doctor themselves, some­times it’s a spouse or employee, and sometimes it’s an outside “marketing person”) who have no specific direct marketing expertise or direct marketing copywriting training.

4. Improper mailing frequency. For an orthodontic practice, the optimal mailing frequency to maximize new starts is 6 mailings per year to their identified target households. A mailing frequency of 4 mailings per year is the absolute minimum necessary to achieve the consistently profitable results that are desired by our clients. For more information on why this is so important, click here.

Let's face it—people are very busy and have lots of other things on their mind, other than orthodontics. Mailing to your target households less than 4 times per year, allows too much time to elapse between mailings for you to successfully position your practice in the minds of your potential patients as the orthodontic expert in your area. In addition, former “Investigators” become “Appointment-Ready” at different times. Allowing up to 4 months to go by in between direct marketing “touches” increases the likelihood that these “Investigators” will not remember your practice, and call someone else “when they’re ready.”

5. A mindset that 1 mailing should solve years of marketing neglect or break through the competitive clutter in one’s marketplace. Usually, our clients start numerous “Appointment-Ready” patients from their first mailing. However, optimal results are never achieved with 1 or even 2 mailings.

6. Incorrectly assuming that the results from 1 mailing will be reflective of your practices’ long-term profits from your direct marketing campaign. Results from an effective direct marketing campaign don't grow in a linear fashion, instead, over time, profits are typically multiplied. This is due to the conversion of former “Investigators” into “Appointment-Ready” patients as your campaign matures.

7. Improper response tracking. (There is a 3-step process to this.) An orthodontic practice’s direct marketing success only BEGINS with the postcard and phone call that is generated from it. We have found that the exact same work created for very similar practices can yield COMPLETELY different results.

The marketing campaigns we create for our clients give families the impression that our client is truly the “BEST OPTION” for orthodontic care in their marketplace. Once that potential patient walks through the practice door, however, the practice’s internal processes must make the patient feel the same way.

Hopefully, these barriers to practice marketing success don’t exist in your practice. But for many of you, they do.  

If so, let’s fix them. Your practice’s future growth depends on it.

We did say 7 barriers…but still other barriers exist that prevent orthodontic practices from enjoying profitable results from their marketing investment—so here's Barrier #8.

8. Relying on one practice marketing action to grow your practice, rather than employing a comprehensive marketing plan.

If you keep looking for that ONE marketing action that will bring your practice growth, then you will end up overworked and in financial hardship. There is NO ONE marketing action that increases your patient volume—it is always a combination of several actions done together.

Unfortunately, many people approach marketing in this way: they try one thing, and if that doesn’t work immediately, then they try the next. This approach does not help you, unless you want a smaller practice. Choose complete marketing plans that involve both internal and external marketing activities, and that can be accomplished without spending a lot of your personal time to implement them.

At GetOrthoCases, orthodontic practice marketing is what we do and ALL that we do.

Call GetOrthoCases today at 1.888.657.2762  to start your 2015 direct mail marketing campaign!

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4 Marketing Must-Dos For A Successful Orthodontic Practice

Posted by Ben Ohanesian on Thu Feb 05, 2015 @ 10:55 AM

orthodontic marketingMarketing is a crucial aspect of creating your successful orthodontic practice. The right marketing systems can increase the number of parents bringing their children to your office for consultations, affording you the opportunity to increase your new patient starts.

Utilizing strong marketing concepts, it's possible for a savvy orthodontist to earn millions of dollars over the course of their career. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, an orthodontic practice should implement a consistent marketing campaign that accomplishes the following goals:

Establishes long-term, mutually-beneficial alliances with nearby referring dentists.

Fosters strong relationships with the referring dentists (and possible referring dentists) in your area, which is vital to your marketing efforts. A strong patient referral program is also important to a successful orthodontic practice.

For any given orthodontic practice there are most likely four groups of referring dentists: the top referrers, the frequent referrers, the occasional referrers and the non-referrers.

Top referrers (dentists are your top third of referrers, and are responsible for 40% to 60% of referrals)
 Frequent referrers (the middle third, sending you 20% to 30% of referrals) 
Occasional referrers (the bottom third, sending you 1% to 10% of referrals) and Non-referring dentists (those presently not sending you any new orthodontic referrals).

In order to implement a successful referral marketing program, you need to recognize who is currently referring patients to you, and at what level, and what possible changes to those referral relationships could happen in the near future. The success of your orthodontic practice depends on knowing the current status of your entire referral base.

Utilizes multiple marketing strategies. Every referring dentist ultimately contributes to your orthodontic practice's success. However, the addition of just one top referring office to your referral base can easily garner an additional $100,000 or more for your practice over the duration of your career.

A successful referral-marketing campaign consists of multiple marketing strategies, all taking place at the same time. This strategy creates much-needed referral activity, consisting of such activities as lunches, parties and seminars, throughout the year.
 Marketing programs typically fail when an orthodontic practice doesn’t gain the attention of its referral sources. One way to get said attention is by initiating multiple simultaneous activities.

Make your marketing plans for the entire year. Include your major AND minor strategies for the 12-month period and make a firm commitment to carry them out. It’s critical for referring dentists to hear from you regularly. By doing so keeps your name up front and reminds them of your practice. Most referral sources have the potential to refer many more orthodontic patients to you than they presently do.

Identifies your practice as your area's LEADING Orthodontic Practice. Lately, orthodontics has become somewhat of a luxury in many consumers’ minds, and branding your practice now matters more than ever before. You need to firmly establish the unique identity of your orthodontic practice within your area. Start by asking these questions:

• What sets your practice apart from your competition?

• Do you consider your practice to be primarily a high-quality brand?

• Is your office a fun place to be?

• Are you a flexible office with convenient hours?

• A one-of-a kind office with an original decor?

Even if all of these attributes may apply to your orthodontic practice, it’s important to select only one of them to establish your brand identity in your area. It’s difficult for any business to be considered as high-quality, fun, convenient, and original—all at the same time.

Choose one key quality to build on. Once people find that one quality aspect to be genuine, they will soon discover all the other great aspects of your practice that you want to emphasize.

Establishes community outreach, support and leadership. Look for opportunities to advertise in your area's newspapers, school yearbooks and programs, and organizations' newsletters and fund-raising books. Consider sponsoring sports teams, local concerts, and other events in your area. Your practice logo should reinforce your brand, as well.

While these efforts might not immediately bring patients to your orthodontic office, there is a cumulative effect over time. People will soon remember your name from those various community-sponsored events and begin to talk about your practice.

The end result of community outreach is to become known as THE orthodontic practice in your area. One way to establish that idea is to make certain your name keeps showing up consistently, throughout your entire area.

Effective management and marketing are vital to orthodontic practice success. Management is about ensuring your patients have a great experience when they are in your office. Marketing is about making sure that patients come to YOUR practice in the first place.

When you incorporate marketing as a tool to increase your orthodontic cases, you will experience a stream of new patients that will very quickly stimulate the growth of your practice. These strategies are an excellent way to jump-start your orthodontic practice's growth!

Learn how a marketing campaign will greatly increase new starts at your orthodontic practice. Call 1.888.657.2762 to request more information, or click below for a FREE Marketing Analysis from one of our Practice Marketing Consultants.

Receive your FREE  Practice Marketing Analysis!

At GetOrthoCases, orthodontic practice marketing is what we do and ALL that we do.

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The Secret to Successfully Growing Your Orthodontic Practice

Posted by Ben Ohanesian on Thu Jan 22, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

To build an orthodontic practice to it's highest level of potential in today's competitive marketplace, an orthodontist must possess both excellent clinical skills AND strong business skills. Many business owners never figure out the essential "propellers" of their business and eventually close their doors. While very few orthodontic practices go bankrupt, they can face financial challenges, especially in an uncertain economy like the one we continue to experience currently.

In our 13+ years of experience creating successful practice marketing campaigns for hundreds of orthodontists, we have found that most orthodontic practices operate at 30 to 50 percent (or more) under their true potential. What separates the highly successful orthodontists from those who fail to grow their practices? The answer is understanding those essential propellers that make an orthodontic practice successful.

orthodontic marketing





That Ah-Hah Moment

One of our clients is a young orthodontist who has grown her practice over 30 percent and has reduced her work week from five days to four days. Most likely, her practice will grow another 25 percent or more in the coming years because she has figured out one of the important keys to her orthodontic practice success; referral-based marketing! (What is referral-based marketing? It's simply one satisfied patient telling another patient. Your orthodontic practice needs marketing to help push that effort.)

Early on in her practice, this orthodontist focused on being the best she possibly could be in her area. However, she failed to save any money and struggled to pay her bills. She had invested in the latest technology, recruited and trained an excellent support team, and fully expected her practice to be an overnight success. The orthodontist said it was an "ah-hah moment" when she realized that a key propeller of any business is referral-based marketing. In her words, without marketing, “there is no business.” Marketing generates clients. For orthodontic practices, referral-based marketing is one of the secrets to successful long-term growth.

Too often, many orthodontists think that if they simply are the best in their area, they will therefore be financially successful. Sadly, when this does not happen, many orthodontists end up disillusioned, disappointed, are highly stressed, and may feel that they have somehow been cheated out of their (perceived) financial and professional success. Keep in mind that excellent technical and clinical skills alone do not guarantee success. You have to possess the right business skills for your orthodontic practice to attain its true potential. And, the most important business skill every orthodontic practice needs to develop is referral-based marketing!

The key to your orthodontic practice's growth is creating a comprehensive referral-based  marketing campaign and implementing it consistently throughout your career.

Why is Referral-Based Marketing So Important?

Every business has key propellers. Typical marketing (with logos, letterhead, business cards, magnets, etc.) will not draw large numbers of new patients to orthodontic practices. They are merely basic components of building an orthodontic practice that patients will see once they have decided to come to your practice.

Referral-based marketing is different. It is an intense strategy focusing on both patients and referring dentists utilizing various methods to encourage them to refer other people to your orthodontic practice. In reality, most patients have a limited number of family members and friends that they can or will refer to your practice. On the other hand, when hundreds of patients refer a small number of other people, the result is excellent!

The second important aspect of referral-based marketing relies on general dentists. As stated above, while a satisfied patient has the opportunity to refer probably only a few other family members or friends to your orthodontic practice, a general dentist has the potential to refer 100 or more patients each year! It's not just the quality of the referral marketing strategy that is important, but also the quantity.

To ensure your orthodontic practice's long-term success, a strong referral-based marketing program is not an option; it's a necessity. Practices that consistently and effectively implement a referral-based marketing plan will become the most successful and profitable practices in their area.

You owe it to yourself, and your support team, to help your orthodontic practice become the most efficient and profitable practice it can be. Every day that you do not take steps to grow your practice, and protect your investment, opportunities for greatly-increased profits and more referrals slip away. Referral-based marketing is vital to making your practice stronger and highly productive, and it's just one more way to ensure your practice will withstand any recession.

Call GetOrthoCases today at 1.888.657.2762. We'll help you create and implement a comprehensive, referral-based marketing campaign to successfully grow your practice!

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Get the Best ROI on your Orthodontic Practice Marketing

Posted by Ben Ohanesian on Tue Jan 20, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

GOC logo




Targeted direct mail campaigns can bring an impressive and measurable return on your investment (ROI) when marketing your orthodontic practice. Done correctly, promoting your orthodontic practice through targeted direct mail postcards has proven to be one of the best ways to fill up your appointment book with new patient starts and create brand name recognition in your area.

Your postcard marketing campaign will bring in new patients, because it consists of the following:

· Demographic targeting

· Consistent, consecutive mailings (3 to 4 mailings per year)

· Postcard design

· Proper front office training

· ROI reporting

Click here for more info on Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns

Demographic Targeting (Your mailing list):

The first, and most important step in your direct mail marketing campaign is to create your precisely-targeted mailing list. By precisely-targeted, we mean specific groups of people in your designated area(s) who are most likely to become the new patients you want to attract to your orthodontic practice, such as households with certain income levels and children between the ages of 7 and 15.

Maximize your marketing investment by getting your orthodontic practice's mailer to the most viable prospects. We can help you fine-tune your mailing list to only the best prospective households to receive your effectively-designed postcard.  

Consistent, Consecutive Mailings:

We recommend that our clients commit to 3 to 4 mailings per year. The reason for this is simple. Consistency works. It's been proven, time and again, that you will receive the highest overall ROI on your marketing investment dollars by doing more than just one mailing. It's true in any business; people need to see your message more than one or two times before they decide to investigate your orthodontic practice. By mailing your postcards consistently,  three to four times, over the course of a year, you are building brand recognition for your orthodontic practice. When that precisely-targeted household decides to begin their child's orthodontic treatment, your office will be the one they call!

Postcard Design:

We will work with you to create an engaging and effective design for your postcard, which is crucial for getting a good response rate.

• Stand out – Grab the reader's attention and do it quickly! Your postcard should differentiate you from your competition. It should make people stop what they are doing and read it, by featuring a great financial or service incentive, compelling photos, and the use of eye-catching colors. Remember also, that less is more in targeted direct mail. Mailers that are jammed full of copy won't work nearly as well as those that are to the point, well designed, and attention-grabbing.
 Keep your message simple and concise. Remember, it's a postcard, not a practice information brochure.

• Call to action – Your target audience needs a reason to take action. "CALL US NOW!” may work, but a more appealing offer that speaks to your precisely-targeted market can make a big difference. Use an offer that makes certain your orthodontic practice will benefit. You don't want to extend an offer (financial or service) that is too aggressive or gives too much away. It should be a win-win for your prospective new patients AND for your practice.

• Your contact information – Even though it may seem obvious, you might forget to include all of your orthodontic practice's contact information on your postcard. Your phone number needs to be very visible and large enough to encourage phone calls. Include your office address and website. Depending on your target market, you may want to include your social media accounts and, if applicable, a QR code for easy access to your mobile website.

Marketing Performance Tracking and Training:

One of the best things about targeted direct mail marketing is how easily and how well you can track the performance. Unfortunately, many orthodontic practices don’t take advantage of this BIG benefit of direct mail. We definitely recommend using a call tracking number on your postcards. With this unique phone number, you can find out exactly how many calls are generated from your direct mail campaign, the number of calls you miss, when those calls come in to your office, and much more.

And, there is more you can do beyond call tracking to monitor and improve your campaigns, with additional resources. We utilize call analyzers who are trained to listen to every call your orthodontic practice receives, and they score each call on the various key performance indicators. Listening to and rating these phone calls gives you knowledge about what your front office staff already does really well, and the areas where they can benefit from additional training to further enhance the callers’ experiences and turn those phone calls into appointments. We are available to give additional training to your front office staff to convert more callers into new patients.

Now What?

Once your mailing on its way to those precisely-targeted homes, over the next several weeks, you can monitor the effectiveness of your postcard campaign. Most of the phone calls from your mailer will come in the first four to six weeks, but you will also receive residual calls months after.

From our experience, you should look for the following performance from your postcard campaign:

• An average of two to four times return on your investment (ROI)

• 50% minimum conversion rate of prospective patients who call scheduling appointments


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Tough Economic Times Require "Smart" Orthodontic Practice Marketing

Posted by Ben Ohanesian on Fri Jan 16, 2015 @ 11:40 AM

It seems that any time the US economy slides into an extended period of economic contraction, many businesses begin cutting costs. Unfortunately, one of the first things to go in many orthodontic practices is marketing, which is very sad...and here's why.

First, let's cover 2 things that Marketing CAN NOT do for your orthodontic practice.

Marketing Can't Make You An Overnight Wonder.

Just because you start a marketing program doesn't mean you'll immediately see your practice explode. Grow, yes. Explode...probably not. Marketing is about getting your marketing message in front of your target market (households in your market area with children ages 7 - 15, and ample disposable income, as well as referring dentists) on a regular basis until they finally decide that they are "appointment-ready" or ready to refer more patients to you. Then, if you have done your job, these prospective patients or referrers, will choose your practice. If you haven't done your job, they won't.

Remember, your practice marketing campaign is a lot like an attorney trying a case in court.  The attorney who presents the most compelling, believable information usually wins on behalf of their client. You must promote your orthodontic practice the same way to win over potential orthodontic patients in your area.

So How Do I Do This?orthodontist

Families considering orthodontic treatment for their children should receive marketing from your practice (direct mail postcard, referral brochure, targeted magazine or local newspaper ad, online advertisement) containing an aggressive, time-sensitive offer for those starting treatment in the next month and a link to educational articles on your website, such as "Who You Choose For Orthodontic Treatment Now Can Make The Next Few Years A Lot More Enjoyable For Your Child" or "Is Early Treatment Worthwhile?"

These custom-designed articles can include components such as your treatment philosophy; the AAO recommendation on the need for a child to see an orthodontist by age 7; your technology investments and how they benefit your patients; your practice's philosophy of who is a candidate for early treatment and, even more importantly, who is not a candidate and why; pre-written marketing testimonial videos that actually further your marketing message, that are endorsed by influential patient families of your practice, and so on.   

Don't think these patients will appreciate the educational content and view your practice differently from your competitors (who aren't providing this information)? Absolutely they will, because you're helping them make a more informed decision for their loved one.

We recognize that many practices will say, "I don't have the time, the desire, or the expertise to come up with the content and write articles like that?"  However, if you truly want your practice to grow, you're going to need to MAKE the time to differentiate yourself this way, or hire a vendor to do it for you.

Savvy practice marketers realize that families "investigating" orthodontic treatment and your professional referral sources both require a steady stream of marketing exposures to compelling buying information, before they become convinced that your practice is their BEST option, and they call you for an appointment or begin referring patients your way.

Marketing Is Not About Doing Something Once (Or Even Occasionally).

The most successful orthodontic practices that we work with schedule their marketing investment with us in advance each year, and don't deviate from that schedule. (Notice, I said "marketing investment" not "marketing expense.")

Have you fired your financial planner because the economy is bad? Probably not. Your marketing requires the same "long-term" mindset.  Not coincidentally, those practices that dedicate themselves to a consistent marketing campaign with us, and market consistently and more frequently than our other orthodontic clients, derive greater profits from their marketing campaigns with us.

So, what happens when an orthodontic practice cuts back on their marketing in a difficult economy? In the short-term, they have some more cash in their pocket. But in the long-term, here's the reality...while things were better, your practice and your competitors were competing for more patients. When families had more dollars in their pockets, they were less likely to delay orthodontic treatment. Maybe 4 or 5 orthodontic practices were competing in your area for these prospective patients - the marketing campaigns of these practices varied in their scope - but there was definitely more "marketing noise" in your marketplace.

However, the economy has remained somewhat flat. New orthodontic patient starts are down. 2 or 3 of these competing practices decide to cut 50% or more of their marketing expenditures "until the economy gets better." Why spend marketing dollars if less patients are starting treatment? 

Here's why. Those 1 or 2 remaining practices who have maintained their dedication to their marketing, continue to position their practice as the "obvious choice" for orthodontic treatment throughout the struggling economy. Prospective patients are paying more attention to the marketing communication from these 1 or 2 practices, because they are exposed to less marketing touches for orthodontic services. Finally, the economy improves again. Who do you think these prospective patients in your area are going to call? Definitely, the practices who continued to market consistently. While those other practices have now lost all marketing momentum, and must effectively start the process of positioning themselves as "a best choice" all over again.

Learn how a marketing campaign will greatly increase new starts at your orthodontic practice. Call 1.888.657.2762 to request more information, or to schedule a day and time for one of our Practice Marketing Consultants to call you.

At GetOrthoCases, orthodontic practice marketing is what we do and ALL that we do.

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Common Orthodontic Practice Marketing Mistakes

Posted by Andy Zuch on Thu Oct 16, 2014 @ 10:03 AM

6 Factors That Influence Return on Investment:

Here are some common practice marketing mistakes your orthodontic office could be making that affect your return on your marketing investment.

phone lady

1. How efficiently your internal practice systems operate, including the impression of convenience that your orthodontic practice projects to prospective new patient families. No marketing action will create optimal results for your practice unless your internal systems are running efficiently.

2. The persuasiveness of your Treatment Coordinator, and their ability to communicate the benefits of receiving orthodontic treatment at your practice, and also the advantages that your practice enjoys over competitive practices.

 3. Your ability to require your staff to enthusiastically implement a referral cultivating strategy like the GetOrthoCases Patient Referral Brochure and 3-Step Staff Action Plan. Staffs that know their reviews and raises are dependent on their diligent implementation, always create exceptional profits for their practice, from referral marketing cultivation plans.

 4. Your staff’s thorough response tracking, both on the initial phone call and initial patient visit, but also at the conclusion of your fee presentation, since often, a new start is the result of multiple referral/marketing sources.

 5. Your practice’s protocol for answering your phones can play a HUGE factor. Do you answer your phones during the lunch hour (for many working parents this is the most convenient time for them to contact you)? Do prospective patients ever get an answering machine message during the business day? If you have multiple offices, are your calls forwarded to the office you have hours at that day?

When we track calls for our clients, you would be amazed at how many leads hang up when they get a voicemail message, and never call back.

 6. Do you offer office hours during 1 evening per week, or at least 1 Saturday per month? You must run your practice like a business, emphasizing convenience to your patient families, in order to prevail over your competitors.

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