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Blogging…It’s Vital For the Growth of Your Orthodontic Practice

Posted by Ben Ohanesian on Wed Jun 17, 2015 @ 02:00 PM


Blogging was initially created to provide a unique platform for people to share their ideas, feelings, life experiences, and opinions. Blogging first started to catch on in the late 1990s.

Today, everyone from Fortune 500 companies to your neighborhood bakery shop are blogging (in addition to other digital reach methods) to increase their online presence and inevitably increase their bottom line.

If your orthodontic practice’s website does not have a blog that is updated regularly, you are missing a huge opportunity to increase your practice’s visibility and thereby increase your digital reach—your potential client base and your bottom line.

Blogging Really Does Matter—Just Ask Google
In today’s social media-based society, your orthodontic practice needs to have a powerful online presence in order to stand out among your local competitors. When someone goes to search for an orthodontist, you want your name to come up close to the top of the search results list. How do you accomplish that? With effective search engine optimization (SEO).

In the past companies like Google put an emphasis on keywords—which words you were using to market your practice and how often those words appeared on your website. As technology has evolved, Google (and other search engines) are using more advanced formulas that determine how frequently you post and update your website, in addition to the origination and quality of the content you post.

So, you ask, what does this have to do with blogging? The answer is, everything!
There is no better way to add relevant content to your website on a regular basis than to start and maintain a blog. Where you rank in search engines matter.  One of the most effective ways to increase your SEO rankings is to add unique, high-quality, relevant content on a regular basis to your blog.

No Time For Blogging? Hire a Professional
There are some really good advantages to hiring a professional to do your blogging for you; they can help take your practice's online presence to the next level.
First, and most importantly, professionals know how to use certain words or phrasing to capture your target audience; taking what you want to say and improving the influence that these words have on your potential clients who are reading your blog.

Secondly, the right professional will understand that blogging is an aspect of digital reach but, by itself, is not enough. These blogs also need to be posted on external websites for SEO (which will be even more important in the future) and should be combined with other digital reach or social media efforts including digital PR and marketing.

Last, but not least, it saves you time. Hiring a professional will allow you to spend your time focusing on your orthodontic practice’s goals and visions—allowing you to effectively grow your business now and in the future.


91114 blog CTA box 

Note: It's important to keep this fact in mind. Even if you hire a professional blogger, it’s important to understand that YOU must play an integral role in educating the blogger on your practice, why you and your office staff do what you do, the services and products that you offer, and be willing to be an active part of the blogging process. Digital reach—social media and beyond—is a vital component in the success of your orthodontic practice.

GetOrthoCases can help get you started on your practice's blog! Orthodontic practice marketing is what we do and ALL that we do.


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4 Ways To Ensure A Successful Orthodontic Direct Marketing Campaign

Posted by Ben Ohanesian on Fri May 29, 2015 @ 03:11 PM

True or False? The success of an orthodontic direct mail campaign is based solely on its initiation. The answer is: FALSE.

Unfortunately, too many people that are "new to the world of marketing" believe that notion to be true.

metalmarious Mailbox

Just conducting a direct mail campaign is not enough to guarantee success. What many orthodontists don’t realize is that executing a successful direct marketing campaign is much more time consuming than they thought. This is not to say that they can’t work, but it takes much more than just mailing out your postcards and waiting for the phone to ring in your office. To get the most out of your mailing, there are many different steps that must be followed:

Use the right list. Not all lists are the same. Before you mail out your postcards, you need to make sure you are mailing to the right audience. Start by defining what you want from your mailing and go from there. The cost is always an important factor, but you should be wary of lists that are much less expensive than others. Most times, it makes sense to spend a little more on a better list that can generate results. Research the lead source and read the referrals and terms of agreement. Most companies offer a short-term trial period or some sort of opt-out agreement. Spending money on a list that doesn’t yield results is essentially throwing money out of the window.

• Presentation. Whenever you do any marketing, especially direct mailing, you should put yourself in the recipients' shoes. Before mailing, you should ask yourself what would make them want to read and interact with your postcard. You need your marketing piece to stand out from the others in that crowded mailbox. To do so, you need to be creative with your design and the message of your postcard. You need to have a piece that can easily relay your practice's message, how you can help them and how they can reach you. Most recipients will give your postcard a short glance. Bullet points and well-placed bold sentences work best. Your goal is to get them curious and interested enough to call immediately after opening.

• The Conversion Rate. A good conversion rate is anywhere from 1-3% of the total marketing pieces mailed. There will be some postcards that will not hit the mark, but that is to be expected. The natural inclination is try to turn every phone call you get immediately into an appointment. Prospective clients may sense your desperation and opt to choose someone else for their family's orthodontics needs. With every call you receive, your staff should have a short script, or even a list of basic questions you want answered in the initial phone call. The key is to find the client’s motivation and see what they want from your practice. It is very rare to get an appointment or consultation after the first phone call. You need to have some patience with your direct mail leads and work them like any other new prospect. Some would-be clients need to work with a sense of urgency, while others need some time to digest everything. Every call that you get must be placed into a database and followed up with as quickly as possible. Getting your phone to ring is not the goal, converting those calls to appointments is.

• Repetition is VITAL. If you are only going to send one round of postcards and expect your schedule to fill up, you will be disappointed with the results. Direct marketing is a numbers game. Before you start, you need to commit to mailing to your same list multiple times. Most recipients won’t respond to your postcard until possibly the fourth time you reach out to them. This means having the budget and patience to see the process through, regardless of any previous results. It is always better to send the same list multiple times than to keep switching from list to list and hoping for better results. Take your time to find THE target market that you like and dive in head first. Certainly, you can change the look and design of your subsequent mailings, but you can’t give up if you are not getting the initial results you desire. To give yourself the best chance for success, you should plan on a scheduled mailing campaign of at least four postcards.

Many, many orthodontists have had great success with direct mailing. Conversely, there are those who consider it a waste of time and money. In most cases, those folks have done things incorrectly along the way. Direct mailing shouldn’t be your only marketing piece, but rather one in a series of ways you plan to grow your orthodontic practice. Before you send out that first postcard mailing, you should make sure you have the best list and are willing to commit – regardless of the early returns. If you do this, you will find more success than you realized.

At GetOrthoCases, orthodontic practice marketing is what we do and ALL that we do.

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4 Marketing Must-Dos For A Successful Orthodontic Practice

Posted by Ben Ohanesian on Thu Feb 05, 2015 @ 10:55 AM

orthodontic marketingMarketing is a crucial aspect of creating your successful orthodontic practice. The right marketing systems can increase the number of parents bringing their children to your office for consultations, affording you the opportunity to increase your new patient starts.

Utilizing strong marketing concepts, it's possible for a savvy orthodontist to earn millions of dollars over the course of their career. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, an orthodontic practice should implement a consistent marketing campaign that accomplishes the following goals:

Establishes long-term, mutually-beneficial alliances with nearby referring dentists.

Fosters strong relationships with the referring dentists (and possible referring dentists) in your area, which is vital to your marketing efforts. A strong patient referral program is also important to a successful orthodontic practice.

For any given orthodontic practice there are most likely four groups of referring dentists: the top referrers, the frequent referrers, the occasional referrers and the non-referrers.

Top referrers (dentists are your top third of referrers, and are responsible for 40% to 60% of referrals)
 Frequent referrers (the middle third, sending you 20% to 30% of referrals) 
Occasional referrers (the bottom third, sending you 1% to 10% of referrals) and Non-referring dentists (those presently not sending you any new orthodontic referrals).

In order to implement a successful referral marketing program, you need to recognize who is currently referring patients to you, and at what level, and what possible changes to those referral relationships could happen in the near future. The success of your orthodontic practice depends on knowing the current status of your entire referral base.

Utilizes multiple marketing strategies. Every referring dentist ultimately contributes to your orthodontic practice's success. However, the addition of just one top referring office to your referral base can easily garner an additional $100,000 or more for your practice over the duration of your career.

A successful referral-marketing campaign consists of multiple marketing strategies, all taking place at the same time. This strategy creates much-needed referral activity, consisting of such activities as lunches, parties and seminars, throughout the year.
 Marketing programs typically fail when an orthodontic practice doesn’t gain the attention of its referral sources. One way to get said attention is by initiating multiple simultaneous activities.

Make your marketing plans for the entire year. Include your major AND minor strategies for the 12-month period and make a firm commitment to carry them out. It’s critical for referring dentists to hear from you regularly. By doing so keeps your name up front and reminds them of your practice. Most referral sources have the potential to refer many more orthodontic patients to you than they presently do.

Identifies your practice as your area's LEADING Orthodontic Practice. Lately, orthodontics has become somewhat of a luxury in many consumers’ minds, and branding your practice now matters more than ever before. You need to firmly establish the unique identity of your orthodontic practice within your area. Start by asking these questions:

• What sets your practice apart from your competition?

• Do you consider your practice to be primarily a high-quality brand?

• Is your office a fun place to be?

• Are you a flexible office with convenient hours?

• A one-of-a kind office with an original decor?

Even if all of these attributes may apply to your orthodontic practice, it’s important to select only one of them to establish your brand identity in your area. It’s difficult for any business to be considered as high-quality, fun, convenient, and original—all at the same time.

Choose one key quality to build on. Once people find that one quality aspect to be genuine, they will soon discover all the other great aspects of your practice that you want to emphasize.

Establishes community outreach, support and leadership. Look for opportunities to advertise in your area's newspapers, school yearbooks and programs, and organizations' newsletters and fund-raising books. Consider sponsoring sports teams, local concerts, and other events in your area. Your practice logo should reinforce your brand, as well.

While these efforts might not immediately bring patients to your orthodontic office, there is a cumulative effect over time. People will soon remember your name from those various community-sponsored events and begin to talk about your practice.

The end result of community outreach is to become known as THE orthodontic practice in your area. One way to establish that idea is to make certain your name keeps showing up consistently, throughout your entire area.

Effective management and marketing are vital to orthodontic practice success. Management is about ensuring your patients have a great experience when they are in your office. Marketing is about making sure that patients come to YOUR practice in the first place.

When you incorporate marketing as a tool to increase your orthodontic cases, you will experience a stream of new patients that will very quickly stimulate the growth of your practice. These strategies are an excellent way to jump-start your orthodontic practice's growth!

Learn how a marketing campaign will greatly increase new starts at your orthodontic practice. Call 1.888.657.2762 to request more information, or click below for a FREE Marketing Analysis from one of our Practice Marketing Consultants.

Receive your FREE  Practice Marketing Analysis!

At GetOrthoCases, orthodontic practice marketing is what we do and ALL that we do.

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The Secret to Successfully Growing Your Orthodontic Practice

Posted by Ben Ohanesian on Thu Jan 22, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

To build an orthodontic practice to it's highest level of potential in today's competitive marketplace, an orthodontist must possess both excellent clinical skills AND strong business skills. Many business owners never figure out the essential "propellers" of their business and eventually close their doors. While very few orthodontic practices go bankrupt, they can face financial challenges, especially in an uncertain economy like the one we continue to experience currently.

In our 13+ years of experience creating successful practice marketing campaigns for hundreds of orthodontists, we have found that most orthodontic practices operate at 30 to 50 percent (or more) under their true potential. What separates the highly successful orthodontists from those who fail to grow their practices? The answer is understanding those essential propellers that make an orthodontic practice successful.

orthodontic marketing





That Ah-Hah Moment

One of our clients is a young orthodontist who has grown her practice over 30 percent and has reduced her work week from five days to four days. Most likely, her practice will grow another 25 percent or more in the coming years because she has figured out one of the important keys to her orthodontic practice success; referral-based marketing! (What is referral-based marketing? It's simply one satisfied patient telling another patient. Your orthodontic practice needs marketing to help push that effort.)

Early on in her practice, this orthodontist focused on being the best she possibly could be in her area. However, she failed to save any money and struggled to pay her bills. She had invested in the latest technology, recruited and trained an excellent support team, and fully expected her practice to be an overnight success. The orthodontist said it was an "ah-hah moment" when she realized that a key propeller of any business is referral-based marketing. In her words, without marketing, “there is no business.” Marketing generates clients. For orthodontic practices, referral-based marketing is one of the secrets to successful long-term growth.

Too often, many orthodontists think that if they simply are the best in their area, they will therefore be financially successful. Sadly, when this does not happen, many orthodontists end up disillusioned, disappointed, are highly stressed, and may feel that they have somehow been cheated out of their (perceived) financial and professional success. Keep in mind that excellent technical and clinical skills alone do not guarantee success. You have to possess the right business skills for your orthodontic practice to attain its true potential. And, the most important business skill every orthodontic practice needs to develop is referral-based marketing!

The key to your orthodontic practice's growth is creating a comprehensive referral-based  marketing campaign and implementing it consistently throughout your career.

Why is Referral-Based Marketing So Important?

Every business has key propellers. Typical marketing (with logos, letterhead, business cards, magnets, etc.) will not draw large numbers of new patients to orthodontic practices. They are merely basic components of building an orthodontic practice that patients will see once they have decided to come to your practice.

Referral-based marketing is different. It is an intense strategy focusing on both patients and referring dentists utilizing various methods to encourage them to refer other people to your orthodontic practice. In reality, most patients have a limited number of family members and friends that they can or will refer to your practice. On the other hand, when hundreds of patients refer a small number of other people, the result is excellent!

The second important aspect of referral-based marketing relies on general dentists. As stated above, while a satisfied patient has the opportunity to refer probably only a few other family members or friends to your orthodontic practice, a general dentist has the potential to refer 100 or more patients each year! It's not just the quality of the referral marketing strategy that is important, but also the quantity.

To ensure your orthodontic practice's long-term success, a strong referral-based marketing program is not an option; it's a necessity. Practices that consistently and effectively implement a referral-based marketing plan will become the most successful and profitable practices in their area.

You owe it to yourself, and your support team, to help your orthodontic practice become the most efficient and profitable practice it can be. Every day that you do not take steps to grow your practice, and protect your investment, opportunities for greatly-increased profits and more referrals slip away. Referral-based marketing is vital to making your practice stronger and highly productive, and it's just one more way to ensure your practice will withstand any recession.

Call GetOrthoCases today at 1.888.657.2762. We'll help you create and implement a comprehensive, referral-based marketing campaign to successfully grow your practice!

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Increase Patient Referrals at your Orthodontic Practice

Posted by Andy Zuch on Fri Jun 20, 2014 @ 03:05 PM

3 Most Important Points to Remember When it Comes to Patient Referrals

  1. The doctor’s good name alone, isn’t going to increase new starts by way of more Patient Referrals.

    Your patients have more pressing things to do each day than sell your orthodontic practice to others people. They are busy, just like you.

    We, as marketers, need to remind our loyal customers to refer us to their friends, neighbors, & family members. Having a tangible referral piece (brochure) is that reminder.

    We, as marketers, also need to incentivize (where allowed) our loyal customers to refer us to their friends, neighbors, & family members. Offering patients an account credit or Visa gift card have been effective referral incentives for many orthodontic practices.

  1. It doesn’t take any special sales skills to have success with the GetOrthoCases Patient Referral Brochure 3-Step Staff Action Plan.  If your staff is willing to implement the action plan and introduce the brochures to your patients with the simple presentation we provide and train your staff on, you will increase new starts from patient referrals at your practice.

    Our clients who are most successful with our Patient Referral Brochure & Action Plan, simply have made this marketing initiative an important practice system.

  1. Your practice's Patient Referral Incentive piece needs to be actively introduced to your patients with a simple rehearsed script. Sitting your referral marketing piece on your counter, or on a table in your waiting room, won’t yield an increase in patient referrals.



2 Best Times to Ask for a Referral are when your patients are most excited about your practice:

1. The visit when they get their braces on
    or receive their Invisalign® trays.

2. The visit when they get their braces off.




Your key to vastly increasing patient referrals at your practice, is to give your staff a tool that is EASY and COMFORTABLE for them to introduce on a consistent basis. (Incentivizing key employees for effectively implementing this tool, doesn’t hurt either…)

Here is a proven 3-Step Staff Action Plan that you and your staff will find easy to implement successfully. We have given this to hundreds of orthodontic practices who are using it effectively. Click Here

And if your practice doesn’t have an effective Patient Referral marketing tool in place, consider hiring a professional practice marketing company like GetOrthoCases to create one. If used in conjunction with our 3-Step Staff Action Plan, you will be impressed with the results.

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13 Years of Success with Orthodontist Direct Mail Marketing

Posted by Andy Zuch on Wed Jun 18, 2014 @ 01:56 PM

Over the past 13 years, GetOrthoCases has managed direct mail campaigns for hundreds of orthodontic practices. During this time, we’ve identified a number of barriers preventing orthodontic practices from enjoying optimal success (new treatment starts) and profitability from their direct mail investment. These barriers to direct marketing success include:

  1. Not embracing the fact that orthodontic patients invest in treatment when they are “appointment-ready”, not when we, as orthodontic marketers, want them to. This is by far, the #1 Biggest Barrier to direct mail success for orthodontic practices. Consumers frequently begin researching non-urgent health care options (including orthodontics) far in advance of making a purchase.

To address this reality, successful orthodontic direct mail campaigns should include a time-sensitive offer for those households who are already “appointment-ready”, as well as a link to educational content on the practice website to help the “researchers” (those not yet ready for an appointment) learn more about their practice.

Families with potential orthodontic patients become “appointment-ready” at different times and for many different reasons:

  • Their dentist told them it’s time to see an orthodontist.

  • They have saved up enough money for a down payment.

  • They just received an income tax refund.

  • The parent started braces when they were 13 and they are unaware of the AAO recommendation to receive an orthodontic evaluation at age 7 for their children. They schedule an appointment when their child is 13.

  • They receive a holiday bonus at work.

  • Their Flex Spending Account has a new benefit starting in January, etc., etc., etc.

  1. Improper Mailing Frequency. For an orthodontic practice, the optimal mailing frequency is 4 – 5 mailings per year to a precisely targeted list of homes with incomes over a specified minimum (i.e. $60,000 per year) and children present in the homes between the ages of 7 and 15.

Lets’ face it – potential orthodontic patients are busy and have lots of other things on their mind, other than your orthodontic practice. Mailing to your target households with a frequency of less than 4 times per year allows too much time to transpire between mailings for you to successfully position your practice as the “obvious choice for orthodontic treatment” in the subconscious minds of your potential patients.

Remember – orthodontic patients become “Appointment-Ready” at different times. Allowing up to 4 months to transpire in between direct marketing “touches” increases the likelihood that these “researchers” will not remember your orthodontic practice, and will call someone else when they become “Appointment-Ready”.

Vendors who tell you it’s OK to” try direct mail and see if it works for you” are not providing sound marketing advice….this is a ploy to get the orthodontic practice to give the vendor some work without requiring a commitment. Don’t fall for this. Research your practice marketing options before investing in direct mail. If you don’t believe in direct mail and a vendor enough to schedule a campaign with the necessary mailing frequency over the course of an entire year, choose another marketing solution to add to your orthodontic practice marketing plan.

  1. A mindset that your first mailing should solve years of marketing neglect, or break thru the orthodontic marketing “noise” in a competitive market for orthodontics. Usually, our clients start numerous “Appointment-Ready” patients from all of their mailings. However, optimal results are never achieved with 1 or even 2 mailings. Optimal results will occur after your practice has mailed a sequence of mailings. Then your practice will continue to enjoy the new starts each mailing, from your “appointment-ready” patients and also begin starting patients who were previously researching orthodontics, but are now convinced that your practice may be their best option, and call you for a consultation.

In closing, targeted direct mail is a highly effective marketing tool for orthodontic practices, when the campaign is executed properly. To quote Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the best-selling “Guerilla Marketing” series, “Always remember, the object of any direct marketing campaign should be to MAXIMIZE your profitability, not to minimize your up-front expense.”


GOC pccamp CTA

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How To Increase Conversions Of Observation Patients At Your Orthodontic Practice

Posted by Andy Zuch on Thu Jun 05, 2014 @ 03:25 PM

Recent increased competition for orthodontic patients is the result of dental patients delaying general dentistry procedures, dentists responding by offering orthodontic treatment, and many orthodontic practices aggressively utilizing 2-phase orthodontic treatment.

In particular, the last factor has increased the likelihood that your observation patients
may start treatment at another practice they happen to visit for a second or third opinion.

To prevent this scenario, consider an effective solution other orthodontists are successfully employing, rather than doing little or nothing during the time period between their Observation patients’ initial examination and their Recall examination.

Try sending a quarterly or semi-annual Observation Patient Newsletter to stay in touch with these potential future new starts. Our clients have found that including an “Is Early Treatment Worthwhile?” article (we have a customizable one you can use) is particularly effective at reminding these patients why you put them on Observation (which is very helpful when another practice recommends they start treatment immediately.)

For an example of an Observation List Newsletter your practice could send to your Observation patients, click here. 

Don’t have time to write enough content for a great practice newsletter? Consider hiring a professional practice marketing company who will handle all of the copywriting, graphic design, printing and bulk mailing of your Observation List newsletter.

Some companies, like GetOrthoCases, will also have a newsletter article archive (all customizable to your practice) which makes creating your Observation List newsletter a totally turnkey project.

6614 email CTA box

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Orthodontic Marketing -- Patient Referrals Slipping Thru the Cracks?

Posted by Andy Zuch on Fri Apr 04, 2014 @ 10:06 AM

Does this sound familiar?

All of our clients know that orthodontic marketing via patient referrals are crucial to their practice growth, but most acknowledge that their staff is not effective at consistently asking for those referrals.  


#1. Because orthodontic staff can keep themselves busy all day long completing other job responsibilities.

#2 (And Most Common Reason)Most orthodontic employees are NOT comfortable asking for referrals because it makes them feel like they’re selling something.

View a sample Patient Referral Brochure Click Here

Your key to vastly increasing patient referrals at your practice, is to give your staff a tool that is EASY and COMFORTABLE for them to introduce on a consistent basis. (Incentivizing key employees for effectively implementing this tool, doesn’t hurt either…)

Here is a proven 3-Step Staff Action Plan that you and your staff will find easy to implement successfully. We have given this to hundreds of orthodontic practices who are using it effectively. Click Here

And if your practice doesn’t have an effective Patient Referral marketing tool in place, consider hiring a professional practice marketing company like GetOrthoCases to create one. If used in conjunction with our 3-Step Staff Action Plan, you will be impressed with the results.

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Blogging is critical to EVERY GREAT Orthodontic marketing plan

Posted by Andy Zuch on Thu Dec 12, 2013 @ 11:19 AM

We know what you're thinking! Are these guys really writing a blog post about the importance of blogging? Yes, we are! That's how important blogging is to the overall online
marketing plan for your Orthodontic practice. You have probably figured out by now that there is a rough formula for calculating online marketing effectiveness. 

x # of web traffic = x # of leads = x # of new starts

Of course, the leads part of this formula assumes you are deploying a lead capture strategy. If you are not, then click here for a quick illustration of why your practice needs to begin capturing leads yesterday.


Why is Blogging Important?

Ok, back to why blogging is a critical part of a successful marketing plan to increase new starts to your practice. Simply put, a blog is a page on your site where you should post content relevant to what your prospects and customers are searching for. Going further, did you know that (when your blog is properly set up), every individual post on your blog is a new indexed page on your website? That is HUGE for search engine optimization and getting you found online!

Those indexed pages add up to increased traffic to your site. Check out this pic for a telling stat about blogging:



Ok - so Blogging IS important, now what?

You've probably heard the phrase "Content is King." It's the truth...but not quite the whole truth! While content is a big part of blogging and online marketing, it's "Original" content that is the real king. You want to make sure what you are publishing is original and thought out, not just recycled gobbeldy-gook that someone else has already published. There are some service providers out there that offer blogging packages as part of an online marketing services, but look a little deeper and you'll find out that some of their client's blog posts are exactly (and we mean word-for-word verbatim) the same as their other client's posts. Many of them are even published on the same day! This is a bad practice, and search engines will frown upon it. 

Now that you know why blogging is so crucial to your marketing plan, and you've been given some good (and bad) practices to follow (or not follow), we hope you'll be able to either start a blog for your orthodontic practice, or make improvements to your current blog! We understand that most Orthodontists are very busy running their practice and helping improve their patient's lives. That is why we've created a comprehensive, and automated, marketing system, customized to your Orthodontic Practice.  Watch our short video above to get some more information on this cutting-edge marketing technology.




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Less Than 1% Of Orthodontists Are Doing This (Orthodontic Marketing) Correctly

Posted by Andy Zuch on Mon Dec 09, 2013 @ 05:55 PM

Would You Like 18 New Starts

From Inbound Marketing

in the Next 90 Days? 

(With No Effort By You or Your Staff)

Here's How You Do It... 

Evolving technology is changing the world of orthodontic practice marketing at lightning-fast speed. Ask yourself the following questions:

- How many website visitors does my practice website get each month?

- How many leads does my website capture and automatically market to each month?

- How many of these leads become new starts at my practice?

Presently, orthodontic practices that are effective inbound marketers, know the answer todescribe the image each of the 3 previous questions and enjoy on average:

 1. Over 1,000 website visits/month
 2. 15 - 20 website leads/month
 3. 5 - 10 new starts from these leads each month!

To thrive in 2014, THIS is where your practice needs to be.

The only question that remains is...
How Fast Do You Want To Get There?

To learn more, read the following
Inbound Marketing Effectiveness
Case Study 

This is a FREE report from GetOrthoCases. We invite you to read this publication and then schedule a time to discuss this Online Marketing technology with one of our practice marketing consultants.

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